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Of Sirens and Tritons

Seiren: from Ancient Greek, Mermaid, water spirit

Daughters of the Ocean, of the sea. Just like water: difficult to control, evasive, undulating; it escapes from the fingers that try to capture it. Pacific and alternatively choleric. Of lethal smoothness and infinite beauty.

Certain Greek thinkers affirm that the seduction of the Sirens did not reside in the beauty of their voices but in the content of their discourse. Their ethereal songs offered the irresistible opportunity of immortality, the opportunity of becoming Gods. The gift of Creation.

SeirenFilms is a company  dedicated to the Creation and Development of Audiovisual content for Film, Tv, Animation and New Media. We consider ourselves Storytellers 2.0 and passionate screenwriters. At SeirenFilms Headquarters we create our own projects while also guiding other artists in their personal paths of creation. We offer design, creation and coaching services in the area of Content Creation for all types of audiovisual platforms and transmedia storytelling.

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